The Biggest Milk and butter bar toffee and the only one of its kind which has delighted young kids over the years and given them a memories which they cherish. BP's spacer rich heritage, distinctive packaging & being the largest in size has ensured that it has become the market leader in the toffee category. SPACER represents fun, thrill and adventure in the lives of kids thereby allowing them to freely express themselves.

BP Eclairs

Caramel Toffee

BP Eclairs is an enriching caramel based chocolate toffee that leaves a soothing and pleasant experience in the mind of our consumers through its distinctive and delicious taste.

BP Loly

Milk and Butter Loly

Delightful and sweet milk and butter LOLY which is known for its taste but at the same time being affordable making it ideal for young kids and a perfect solution for their sweet cravings during early childhood. It has a legacy that transcends 3 Generations and we have made sure that its ingredient, originality and quality have remained constant over time thereby giving its a brand identity that is consistent & of high quality.

C-Tee Loly

Colored Loly

Delightful color loly that is great in taste and leaves your tongue colored making it a fun experience for kids that they can relate to.

Paint & Pop Loly

Color Painted Loly

Paint & Pop is a distinctive and interesting loly comes in different colors which make it visually appealing to the mind of the consumers along with having great taste.