Jello Bello

Fruit Coated Jellies

Our flagship brand which represents a is one of its kind product in the market that is sweet from outside & Jelly from Inside. The Jellies come in form & shape of coloured beans that strike an instant chord with young teens & kids who find it to be fun & lively ; thereby providing them with meaningful value.The usage of such Jellies also allows young kids & those in their early teens to freely express themselves.

Jelly Burger

Burger Shaped Jellies

Distinctive and innovative burger shaped jelly product that represent an enriching experience adding value to the live of kids and young teens

Dolphin Jelly

Dolphin Shaped

Dolphin shaped Jelly which is extremely tasty and geared towards kids and who is shaped as such so as to associate a fun element with the brand persona.

Ringo Jelly

Ring Shaped Jelly

A beautifully designed and shaped product in form of circular rings that are fun to carry on fingers and combine a fine balance of both good looks and good taste.

Pizza Jelly

Pizza Shaped Jelly

Jelly Pizza is an innovative shaped and tasty jelly that is geared towards kids that tantalises taste buds and is a treat that delights our consumers.