Choco Dip


Chocolate Flavoured biscuits that give you an enriching experience and tantalize your taste buds



Beautifully crafted and unique shaped chocolate that melts in your mouth and delves into your heart.

Choco Zoo

Animal Shaped Chocolate

A pure chocolate product that over the ages has occupied a distinctive place in mind of kids . The product comes in shapes of different animals such as an elephant and bear etc which allows for fun loving kids something that they can naturally relate to. The usage of premium quality chocolate gives a feast and taste that treats sweet craving kids in the most delightful way leaving them with memories that they cherish and leaves them want to consume it again and again.

Koko 4

Chocolate Beans

Pure Chocolate beans that melt in your mouth and heart leaving memory of a delicious taste.

Chocolate Dream

Milk Chocolate

Pure Milk Chocolate is a biscuit that is enrobed by pure milk chocolate that gives a rich taste and an experience that has been treasured in memories of consumers over the years. The usage of pure milk chocolate gives it a scrumptious feel in the mouth and is the perfect companion for fulfilling your munching needs and satisfying your cravings during your snacking moments in your everyday lives.

Houbara Egg

Milk Chocolate

Small yet elegant egg shaped chocolates who taste leaving you craving for more and more

This & That

Chocolate Coated Biscuit Bar

Delicious Chocolate Coated Biscuit Bar that is a sweet delight for our customer and a great way to satisfy their cravings and munching needs. This & That gives you natural goodness that tantalises your taste buds and leaves you wanting for more. Chocolate Enrobing ensured a distinctive taste that gives you a taste off both premium chocolate and biscuits when it goes through your mouth.

Too Good

Chocolate Coated Caramel Biscuit Bar

A treat for the masses, too good represent the perfect mix of a biscuits engrossed by chocolate and caramel that tantalises your taste buds and leaves you mesmerised.

Chocolate Dream CAT CAT

Wafer coated with Real Chocolate

Delicious wafer coated with Real chocolate that provides a delicious solution for satisfying your cravings leaving you wanting more and more.