About B.P. Sweets


A humble beginning, BP Industries has travelled a long and illustrious journey in establishing itself as one of the leading confectionary manufacturer in Pakistan. Our reputation as a key supplier in the confectionery trade is second to none and you’ll find some of the best names in premium confectionery here. The company is engaged in manufacturing complete range of confectionery, éclairs, jellies, candies, toffees, powder and centre filled products.


BP factory was founded in Karachi before 1940. The abbreviation B.P stood for Barkash and Parkash, two Hindu brothers who owned the factory. After the Partition, its stands for Best Products.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to continue and improve our expertise in confectionary manufacturing with a strong sense of quality and customer-oriented approach that we have been perfecting since 1947. The success story continues and both the companies started manufacturing some of the biggest and leading brands in our country.

BP Industries (Best Product) Sweets has been making life sweet for more than 60 years, by providing the quality with quantity of products.